The Luxury of Wearing Your Car

In Street Branding on July 28, 2008 at 5:09 pm

Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Car

The Korean consumer is very brand conscious in almost every accessory. Sometimes it can get a little too wild and overwhelming. I walked through a popular shopping street in Seoul, Korea, called “Rodeo Drive,” yes, like the one in Beverly Hills, and I saw a Smart Car-like vehicle dressed in the Louis Vuitton monogram. A very bold accessory to have the luxury of dressing your car in such a brand- I thought it was hilarious and very interesting. I don’t think LV advertises on cars in this manner, so I’m assuming that the driver of this fashionable vehicle just decided to wear the handbag on the car rather than herself. A very bold statement of love and passion for LV.

The LV gives this little car a fun personality- perhaps it’s striving to live that luxurious life. Whether you think it’s just obnoxious or actually cute- the driver definitely has got some character. Her name is Sharon. I imagine her to be a petite women in her mid-twenties. She’s got an overly accesorized cell phone chain with a pink piglet hanging from it. Her ringtone is very catchy, and is probably the hit song of a popular female group/diva (Equivalent to those of Miley Cyrus). She’s working hard to maintain a good walk on her 4-inch stilettos flashing her cotton candy pedicure. Although she is flashy in her accessories, she knows how to live a practical lifestyle while being brand conscious. She enjoys driving a unique car, especially because hers is small and easy to drive around the narrow side streets of Seoul. She buys her clothes and accessories from stores in Korea that are the equivalent of Aldo, UNIQLO, Pink and BeBe. She graduated from EWHA Women’s University, which is the Wellesley University of Korea. Sharon’s got passion to start her own clothing line, and is planning to go to graduate school for an Associate’s degree in Fashion Design at Hongik University, which is similar to Parsons in New York. Sharon is definitely making known her character in her flashy ride.

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