About Street Branding

If my eyes were the lens of a camera, I’d be blinking from left to right, top to bottom- this is Street Branding. I believe that observation is key to creativity. Being able to understand and translate the world around us, whether it’s from numbers to words, words to images or images to numbers, the various perspectives that are developed are what generate new ideas. Isn’t creativity a new way of looking at old elements- simply the rearrangement of old elements into new combinations? By keeping my eyes opened and my mind aware of such elements around us, I hope to continue to collect simple thoughts and reflections to develop into significant insights and ideas.

This site serves as a personal ideation tool where I can record and reflect on various brand experiences to keep my thoughts and observations about brands present in my life as well as to share with others my passion for branding. I believe in observation, collaboration and activation- they are the basis of ideation and creation.

  1. realy nice article.
    a little bstract but interesting

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