About Lynn Esther

Moleskine + JetBlue

Moleskine and JetBlue are two brands, when tangoed together, describe the type of person I am. I love stories, and I certainly enjoy those of others as much as I do enjoy telling my own. I believe that stories bring together people across all cultures. Some of the most insightful and heartwarming conversations I’ve had was while I was buckled up in an aircraft seat next to another jet-setter. The Moleskine brand has made great efforts in opening the minds and hearts of people, to be creative, to be reflective and resourceful. The practicality, creativity and simplicity of the Moleskine brand and the jet-setting, adventurous, simple-minded traveler of the JetBlue brand brings out the imaginative, personable and cultural collaborator in me.

One thing I learned throughout college is the importance of observation. To be creative as well as knowledgeable, I think observation in our daily lives is key to growing perspectives and bringing insight to the table. I love jogging outside instead of bumping up the speed on the treadmill because you get to see what’s going on outside. This is why I have made Street Branding a part of my daily life- to appreciate and reflect on what the world is telling and showing me.


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