The Subtleties of Logic

In Street Branding on July 29, 2008 at 11:53 pm
SubtleTea Storefront

SubtleTea Storefront

The integration of both visual and verbal identities seen in logos and names of brands has given such businesses timeless relationships with its customers. I came across SubtleTea, a small tea house along Madison Avenue between 30th and 31st street. SubtleTea is a cozy place where you can enjoy the unique tea blends and pastries while flipping through a good read.

I wanted to talk about the visual and verbal identities of SubtleTea. There are several elements that are working together to bring this brand together in its corporate identity. The first you notice is the name, subtletea, which consists of the two words, subtle and tea. Putting together the two words, subtletea, creates a remarkable

SubtleTea Logo

SubtleTea Logo

Wide selection of magazines at SubtleTea

nomenclature for the store brand as two real word, descriptive names come together to create a composite name. A closer look at the logo gives you an idea how the name and logo work together as you notice the logo being a ring from the bottom of a tea cup. Indeed it is a subtle visual element (tea cup ring) that complements the nomenclature of the brand name (subtle and tea). I thought it was a clever way to mesh the two verbal and visual elements together to create an overall corporate identity that appeals to its target consumer.

Cozy ambiance

Cozy ambiance

subtleteas storefront gives a natural and organic feel as the tanned exterior and brown awning complement the natural selection of teas. It’s a very delightful place to sit back with a casual conversation between friends or study while enjoying the cozy ambiance.


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